If they can get Jack Dorsey they can get you… learn the simple ways to protect yourself against Sim Swapping Attacks.

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Just last August Twitter’s own CEO, Jack Dorsey, had his handle @jack compromised by a group of hackers who took the opportunity to tweet antisemitic and racist remarks to his 4.2 million Twitter followers. After researching the issue, Twitter’s team confirmed that he had fallen victim to a Sim Swapping Attack. This same attack has been used to hack other high profile names like Jessica Alba and to drain the cryptocurrency and traditional bank accounts of normal people like…

Investing is hard enough. Set yourself up for success by making smart tax moves today.

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There’s a lot to know when it comes to investing your money! While it typically doesn’t make sense to choose investments based solely on tax reasons, there are some steps you can take to keep more of your money come tax time and effectively boost your return in the long term.

We’ll talk about how Uncle Sam taxes your investments and then talk about a few important decisions that can make all the difference in minimizing your tax bill and achieving your financial goals.

Uncle Sam’s Share of Your Investments

Most of us derive the majority of our income from our wages — that is, income…

A low stress guide to de-cluttering and managing all of your important receipts, tax, medical, and other documents!

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As I entered the working world and began adulting for the first time, I was quickly overwhelmed by the amount of paperwork that I began to receive. It seemed like everything was worth saving — from my financial statements to my medical records to even the maintenance records for my car. On top of that, there were things that I wanted to save for convenience such as warranty information and receipts for big purchases.

Despite my diligence, it quickly became hard to manage. I didn’t have room in my cramped downtown apartment for a big filing cabinet the way my…

A beginner’s guide to making money in the stock market.

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You don’t have to be a genius to build real wealth in the stock market. The internet has made it easier than ever to invest. The down side to the accessibility of investing is that many of us are making mistakes that are costing us thousands. Luckily, there’s an easy way to avoiding the most common errors to secure your financial future. This article assumes you have a fundamental understanding of how stocks work. Here’s a step by step guide that will set you on the right track to investing for your future.

Understanding Risk

There is always risk when investing your…

A step-by-step guide to coming up with your next great idea

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How many of us are itching to start own our businesses but we’re still stuck waiting for our big idea? For when inspiration isn’t striking, I’ll share with you a step-by-step process I use to come up with my best ideas.

Step 1: Give Your Brain The Right Inputs

Coming up with great ideas requires the right inputs. So much of ideation and creativity relies on finding new ways to apply or transform existing knowledge or connecting ideas in unexpected ways to create something original. Moreover, how many times have we read or heard someone say something that sparked a new idea in our minds?

You should curate…

and the Cryptocurrency Loophole

At the time of writing, savvy investors can reap significant tax savings by combining the well-established strategy of tax loss harvesting with a loophole in the tax code to indefinitely defer some of their taxes without changing the allocations of their cryptocurrency portfolios.

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A Primer on Tax Loss Harvesting

We typically discuss tax loss harvesting in the context of a taxable brokerage account holding some mix of stocks and other securities such as options or bonds. In most cases, investors owe capital gains taxes when they make a gain on an investment. As such, taxable brokerage accounts sometimes generate a tax liability for investors as a…

REITs are a powerful way to build your income-producing real estate portfolio, even as a beginner with limited capital.

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Coming out of the 2008 financial crisis, real estate investing has become a popular subject for those looking to build massive wealth. I remember attending my fair share of get-rich-quick type seminars hosted by celebrities claiming I could build a fortune flipping houses, buying rentals using hard money loans, and any number of dubious schemes. Years later, the in-person seminars at downtown hotels have largely been replaced by 20-something Youtube and Instagram gurus selling 4-figure courses on real estate investing.


Minimizing your tax burden

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While most gamblers have learned that gambling winnings are taxable income in the United States, there is an important strategy you should know to minimize your tax burden.

The General Rule — Gambling Income and Taxes

The general rule is that all gambling income is subject to Federal Income Tax in the United States. In some instances, casinos will withhold a portion of large winnings and issue one or multiple forms W-2Gs to gamblers in order to report their winnings. Even if money is not withheld or you do not receive W-2Gs, it is still your responsibility to report all winnings.

Gambling winnings are considered Gross Income for…

Is coffee-as-a-service the next big thing?

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Unlimited coffee for $8.99 a month, less than the price of Netflix? Sound too good to be true? That’s exactly what Panera Bread is offering through its MyPanera Coffee Subscription program unveiled earlier this year. The program costs about 30 cents a day or even less if you take advantage of unlimited refills.

Let’s talk about why this deal is marketing genius.

We’ve Been Shamed for Buying Coffee

Personal finance gurus and celebrities such as Kevin O’Leary and Suze Orman have been telling us for years that buying coffee is making us poor. Dozens of articles have been circulated about how we should all be bolstering…

A completely legal strategy to make thousands of dollars from your couch.

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This isn’t some pie-in-the-sky get rich quick scheme, multilevel marketing pitch, or day trading course that guarantees risk-free returns. In fact, this strategy has nothing to do with day trading, selling, or making anything.

It sounds hard to believe, I know. But all I ask is that you’re open-minded and stick with me for just a few minutes so that I can show you that it is indeed possible.

Why Credit Card Churning Sucks

Many of us are familiar with the idea of Credit Card Rewards Churning. Don’t worry, that’s not how I made $1,809 from my couch. We will, however, use it as a…

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